Выстрел в голову

Обратите внимание, что перед тем как откинуться назад, голова Кеннеди делает очень незначительное движение вперед. Это движение не видно на нормальной скорости невооруженным глазом. Это доля секунды от воздействия пули, которая поражает JFK сзади в голову. Дальше  голова двигается резко назад и налево от воздействия другой пули с переди с правой стороны.

А вот признание Фаилза в 1994году:  "When I got to the point where I thought it would be the last field of fire, I had zeroed in to the left side of the head there that I had because if I wait any longer then Jacqueline Kennedy would have been in the line of fire and I had been instructed for nothing to happen to her and at that moment I figured this is my last chance for a shot and he had still not been hit in the head. So, as I fired that round, Mr. Nicoletti and I fired approximately at the same time as the head started forward then it went backward. I would have to say that his shell struck approximately 1000th of a second ahead of mine maybe but that what's started pushing the head forward which caused me to miss from the left eye and I came in on the left side of the temple."