Травянистый холм в течении 30 секунд после выстрелов

Эти фотографии подтверждают слова Д. Фаилза о том, что сразу после выстрела никто не побежал к травянистому холму и у него было достаточно времени что бы уйти.

Обратите внимание, что на травянистом холме нет никого, до того момента как автобус с прессой, шедший почти в самом конце кортежа, приближается к тоннелю. Только в этом месте можно увидеть как люди заполняют травянистый холм, а это дает Фаилзу 30 - 40 секунд. Вполне достаточные, для такого профессионала как он, что бы незаметно уйти.

Фото выстроены в хронологическом порядке начиная с момента последнего выстрела.

James Files: "When that was over with I wasn't looking behind me to see who was coming or who was running. I remember that when the shots were fired and it was all over....nobody...nobody responded immediately...I don't care how fast they say the police acted, people were stopped...they were stunned...including the police officers. The police officers on the motorcycles, it took them, I'm going to say maybe ten seconds before they even responded to what was happening.

It was like everybody was waiting for someone to tell them what to do. And at that point I started to walk away. There had been a couple of people in the vicinity that I was in...I'm going to say probably 15 yards in front of me...close to the edge of the fence where I was at...and I was about 15 feet from the end of it...as I was walking away the police was running up the grassy knoll and other people and I know that these two men were turning people back. Who they were, I don''t know...I didn't bother to turn and look back...I kept walking away."